Digital human beings

Bringing fundamental human traits to AI to serve empathy, friendship, and fun at an unlimited scale.

Altera is an applied research lab building Agents. We are a team of scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs and enterprise leaders designing a better future with digital human beings.

• December 2023 • We shut down our research lab at MIT to build a company • Altera was born • January 2024 • We raised over $2M in funding from Andreessen Horowitz and other investors and scientists • February 2024 • Altera created the first ever agent that can play Minecraft • March 2024 • We raised our Series Seed • April 2024 • We are developing an agent experience that aims to redefine the current understanding of what agents are capable of.

Research & Product

AI Agents

Altera serves agents directly to users and enterprises. Our agents are highly-capable, interoperable, and long-term autonomous.

Games ⛏

Our first product is the first ever agent that can play Minecraft with you, just like a friend.


We are building multi-agent worlds, opening up exciting opportunies in entertainment, market research, and more.


Creating the human qualities required to turn co-pilots into co-workers and exploring a world where digital humans are given a physical form factor.

An end-to-end scientific process -- we advance novel research, we scale the infrastructure to serve new technology, and we deliver first-of-its-kind products directly to users.




Our Mission

Our mission is to build digital human beings that live, love and grow with us. Digital humans are inevitable and will be of profound consequence to the world. We believe, if crafted with a strong pro-human framework, they have the potential to be the most beneficial invention in human history.

About Us

We are led by our Co-Founder and CEO, Dr. Robert Yang. Dr. Yang is a computational neuroscientist and former professor at MIT. He is world-renowned for his research on deep neural network models of the brain. Dr. Yang and his three other Co-Founders (Dr. Andrew Ahn, Nico Christie, and Shuying Luo) shut down their research lab at MIT to build Altera.

Our Origins

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